Rules of Verona

Hello my fair Veronaians. These are the rules to our community.

  1. Have fun!

    Verona is a community for open minded people. We’re here to enjoy each others company, mix, mingle, and form new friendships.

  2. Privacy is sacred.

    Please respect one another. We won’t give out anyones personal information, and we ask that you do the same

  3. Verona isn’t for everybody.

    While Verona is open to anyone, we know we’re not *for* everyone. If Verona contradicts personal or religious beliefs, please don't use it.

  4. Dirty mouth? Clean it up!

    Absolutely no unpleasantness will be tolerated. This includes, racism, xenophobia, slurs, unwanted sexual talk, or anything that makes you uncomfortable. Verona is a classy establishment, and those trying to spoil our good time will be swiftly banned.

    We’ve known since grade school that not everyone plays nice, and sometimes people are going to say really mean things. Verona is not exempt so don’t let trolls ruin your good time. They’re only after a reaction, so don't give them one. Just hit the report button and move on.

    No personal information in your about section or passion. The safety and security of our users is our number one priority. For this reason, we ask you to refrain from displaying personal information including your email, phone number, or address.

  5. Be internet street smart.

    Just like any other app or website, it pays to be smart. While in our estimation about 99% of people are good in nature, it's always best play it safe. Here are a few tips to being internet street smart.

    • Be careful giving out personal information like your phone number or address. Once you give kind of stuff out, you can't take it back.
    • Take time to establish a connection online before taking it offline.
    • Only do what you’re comfortable with.
    • If you do decide to meet someone, meet them somewhere public. Cafes, restaurants, or stores work great. Make sure there are plenty of people around. Do not get into someone else's car. Do not isolate yourself.
    • Be sure to tell a friend when, where, and who you're meeting. The buddy system works great into adulthood.
    • For more information about personal safety, please see this website.