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What is Verona?

Verona is a chat app for Android and iOS to connect people who identify as Israeli or Palestinian. Israelis can only see Palestinians and vice versa. Swipe right to like people. Swipe for left to see someone new. If someone likes you back, Verona matches you up, and you can chat on our private chat system.

Do I have to be from Israel or Palestine to use Verona?

Verona is for anybody, anywhere who feels a connection to those two cultures. If you're half Jewish, or your grandmother used to live in Palestine, that's both perfect. The conflict in that region is of global concern, and if you feel like you have some sort of connection to it, we welcome you to the community.

Who is using Verona?

Verona is used by people all over the world. We have users is most major cities in the world and on every continent except Antarctica. Verona let's you chat with people both locally and globally.

I'm not even remotely Israeli or Palestinian, but I have thoughts about that region, how can I participate?

You can help by spreading the word to anyone you know who might be interested. Post about Verona on your Facebook or Twitter. Showing your support matters a lot to our project, and it matters even more to our users!

Is Verona about dating?

No, Verona is not about dating. The Verona community is based around forming new relationships and making new connections. Every relationship (whether it's romantic or just a casual friend) has to start somewhere. Verona is the venue for new connections to be made.

Verona could be called "social discovery". It's not about dating, it's about finding someone you have something in common with and striking up a conversation. If you wanted to make the relationship romantic, that's your own business.

Where does the name Verona come from?

Verona is the place where Romeo & Juliet met in Shakespeare's classic play. We chose that name because Romeo & Juliet were able to find love despite coming from families who were at war with one another. The message is love conquers all.

Yes the story has a tragic ending. Romeo & Juliet wanted to be with each other so much that they preferred to take their own lives than live without one another. Of course we strongly urge users: Please report anyone talking about drinking mysterious potions, poisons, or elixirs to fake the appearance to death. Do not imitate EVERYTHING you read in Shakespeare! :).

Although it's sad Romeo & Juliet took their own lives for the sake of love (maybe they never heard the phrase "there's other fish in the sea"), the play ends with both warring families reconciling their differences and declaring an end to their conflict. They realized the tragic loss of their children wasn't worth their feud. Frankly we feel there has already been enough tragedy in the conflict, and happy ending like that is long overdue.

What's the meaning behind your slogan "World peace, one swipe at a time"?

What we're saying with that is that if literally everybody took responsibility to be peaceful and made an effort to meaningfully connect with someone from a culture of which there is conflict, there would be no conflict. Will Verona be the path to world peace? It's effectiveness is equal to how many people embrace the spirit of it.

Technical Questions

Will you share our Data?

Nope, we will never share your data! Privacy is sacred.

Will you post to my Facebook?

No way! Never. We’ll never post anything to your Facebook. Nobody will know you're using Verona unless you tell them.

Why do I need a Facebook to sign up?

Facebook provides us a way to know you're a real person. It's important that those using Verona are who they say they are. Using Facebook also let's you sign up and log in very quickly.

How do you choose what people to show me?

We have a complex sorting algorithm which shows you people we think you would click with. Of course our discovery options directly filter for age, proximity, and gender, but we also take into account your age, location, and how active people are when showing you results.

Also check out the Rules of Verona.